Check out the Festival Supreme Map & Schedule!!! See you at The Santa Monica Pier on Saturday, October 19th!

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CooL I got the tickets! - <a href="">Paul Kadri</a>

Tenaciud D come to Portugal?

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Hey Jack. I want to talk to you about my experience. At the Festival Supreme. First off...I know people tell you they are your biggest fan everyday.I won't say that. I do own ALL (and I mean all) of your movies Have seen the D 5 times. I'm. 40 And my husband and I have a Tenacious D And Pick of Destiny framed posters in our living room.I could go on (I had someone make me a Jack Black purse:))
We could barely afford tickets, I have a new puppy in pricey classes and he had to miss one for this. We drove 12 hours (more money on hotels each way) . We wanted to see Patton. It took us an hour and 20 minutes to get to the stage where we were told it was closed....Closed...I have a wristbands and drove two days how can it be closed. We turned around to walk back more of the first walk yo the stage..feet stomped on drunk people grabbing me, etc I have been to tons of festivals I get that most of that happens but NEVER one this packed..we could not even lift our arms. Unbearable. We decided to step out and get water as they would not let us bring it in.and no free water was offered which is illegal (not that I want to get legal or anyone in trouble) so we got water, had a smoke and were not able to come back in as they said it was oversold and at capacity. We were speechless. I still am Facebook is taking down negative comments (not cool) I have written ticketmaster and your agent. I would sincerely like a refund, and this may sound petty but I would like an apology from you. Today I ripped up my nickelodeon guide with you on the cover ...Jack we scored tickets and drove cross country to see you host that. I know you are a cool dude and I will hear something back. I think it was a great idea maybe just not so well planned this time and I missed out.yours, Debbie

This festival was supreme-ly awful!!! I'm looking for a physical address to which to send a hand-written (that's right, a real damn letter) letter to express my supreme disappointment. I've been to a ton of festivals and have never been so packed into a space that I was:

a.) unable to even get near the tent that the act I wanted to see was preforming in (I'm not talking, 'I can't see the stage very well, I'm saying I physically could not get through the crowd to even get within sight of the tent's location)
b.) frightened that if there was even a moderate emergency that I'd be trampled and nobody would be able to get out.

This must have been an elaborate joke on comedy fans. Some sort of commentary on how ridiculous festivals are to begin with? Whatever it was, I'm so sad I spent my hard earned money and months of giddy anticipation on this bologna.

No joke, I witnessed multiple couples arguing and one mid break-up, the man screaming, "I'm sorry you spent money on this! Do you want me to give you your money back?!? Fine! Fine! It's not my faaaault!!!!"

Since I couldn't get through the crowd to see a single thing, I ended up spending most of my time outside the venue, witnessing poor patrons with blue wristbands strewn about, siting on curbs with sad looks on their faces. At one point, I went back in (mind you, the security guards that were blocking the 'exit only' points just abandoned their posts at some point, since everyone was leaving anyways) and witnessed the fist jovial person I had seen since the hopeful beginning of the event, and I thought to myself "wow, he's having fun- maybe I should just buck up..." and then he barfed. Not even the drunk people were really having fun, it seemed.

An apology is due and reoperations must be made!!!