StageIt House Party

StageIt House Party

Kyle Gass Band is having a StageIt house party! Tune in to the live StageIt feed on Wednesday, May 7th at 5pm PT and watch Kyle Gass Band entertain with a live performance from Kyle's house. We'll be partying, so we hope you can virtually join us. Crack a frosty, ready your favorite smokable, and sit back and enjoy the sweet mystical juices spilling out of your speakers!

Oh, and want to hear this info straight from KG himself? Here you go. To buy tix and get more info on the Top Supporter Rewards, check out:


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Good afternoon,

Missing in Minas Gerais state to location not live in São Paulo.

Thank you.

We in Okanogan County appreciate your efforts to help raise funds for the Water Ranch. I have always liked your work and thought you were talented. It's nice to know what a class act you are as well.